Impacting the Root Causes of Poverty: Honor and Trespass Boundaries as Love and Justice Demand

Voice from the Field:
This reflection serves as a companion to last week’s “The Power of Inquiry,” featuring Betsy Santiago-Layne. Betsy described the power of action research on her life as a mother who had to make use of the shelter system. Here, Donna Haig Freeman describes the university-based program that involved Betsy and others in researching the problems they had experienced and the many impacts that remarkable program had.


At Seminaries, Traditional Business Model Threatens Even the Well-Established

Andover Newton Theological School, the nation’s oldest seminary, announced last week that it would sell its 20-acre campus. Due to a decline in full-time students, it says, it can no longer sustain itself as an independent entity. Having just watched similar discussions around Sweet Briar College, we want to take a “wait and see” attitude on this still rather vague plan.


Women’s Prison to Nonprofit Women’s Center: Creepy or Not?

One of the most influential champions of juvenile justice reform, Jerome Miller, believed that the buildings that housed prisons had to be razed to ensure they were not later re-used for the same purpose, but in this case most agree that “The Women’s Building” can overcome its history.