Indicators Were There before Current Investigation into SourceAmerica: Lessons for Nonprofits

The CNN report on several federal investigations looking into allegations of mismanagement and corruption in the AbilityOne program that subsidizes federal agencies contracting with nonprofits that employ most blind or severely disabled workers didn’t really address one important part of the story—that the shortcomings in oversight and accountability practices in AbilityOne have been long known, but the federal government and Congress haven’t taken action to make the needed improvements. 


Gaza’s Orphans, Palestinian Civil Society and U.S. Philanthropy

A partnership between the Center for Arab American Philanthropy in Michigan and the Welfare Association based in Palestine is generating long-term support for the thousands of children in Gaza who have been orphaned due to three recent wars there—and with the commitment of a matching gift donor, building a tradition of Palestinian diaspora philanthropy.


FAME’s Demise: Lessons from a Failed Charter School

On June 30th, the FAME School in Alameda County, California, closed its doors for the last time. The denial by the county’s Office of Education of the school’s charter renewal request brings a 15-year educational experiment to an end. But what happened?