Gaza’s Orphans, Palestinian Civil Society and U.S. Philanthropy

A partnership between the Center for Arab American Philanthropy in Michigan and the Welfare Association based in Palestine is generating long-term support for the thousands of children in Gaza who have been orphaned due to three recent wars there—and with the commitment of a matching gift donor, building a tradition of Palestinian diaspora philanthropy.


FAME’s Demise: Lessons from a Failed Charter School

"Marty Levine’s article on the collapse of the FAME charter school is very useful for its insights into the symbiotic relationship between dysfunctional nonprofit organizations and inadequate, ill-prepared government monitoring and oversight." —Rick Cohen, National Correspondent


New Tools For You at NPQ Online

A few weeks ago, NPQ debuted the new, improved, and up-to-date version of its website and I want to point out a few new features to you but each of them holds its own value.


Standing Up To Donors With Untenable Demands

This morning we published a story about a Girl Scout Council which had the great good fortune of receiving a $100,000 donation from a donor. The only problem was that the donor wanted to be assured that no transgender girls would benefit from her donation.