Planned Parenthood, John Boehner, and an Uncivil Society…But Likely No Shutdown

Did House Speaker John Boehner fall on his sword to save the Republican Party from itself as an election looms, or to be freer to finally get some bipartisan-backed legislation passed before he retires? It surely wasn’t to save Planned Parenthood, a resilient national women’s health nonprofit long in the crosshairs of hardliners, but it appears to have done us all a favor—at least in the short term.


Can the U.S. Catch Up With Other Countries to Close the Education Gap?

Over and over, reports show that U.S. educational approaches are not helping the nation’s poor achieve academic success even while other countries manage to do so. But newswire writer, Amy Butcher believes that problem rests on philosophical differences about supporting families and a bad attitude about taxes.


Refugees and You

It is hard not to see the similarities with the current refugee crisis, where the images of families being drowned in an attempt at freedom, confined in railway cars, and walking down tracks to uncertain futures is contrasted elsewhere with declarations of welcome and sharing of resources—even when it involves personal sacrifice.


Pick a sector, please!

There are good reasons why the level of pay for top executives of nonprofits must be reported. It is part of ensuring accountability to the public, in whose name we do business.