Impacting the Root Causes of Poverty: Honor and Trespass Boundaries as Love and Justice Demand

Voice from the Field:
This reflection serves as a companion to last week’s “The Power of Inquiry,” featuring Betsy Santiago-Layne. Betsy described the power of action research on her life as a mother who had to make use of the shelter system. Here, Donna Haig Freeman describes the university-based program that involved Betsy and others in researching the problems they had experienced and the many impacts that remarkable program had.


Gender of Firstborn Child Affects Family Giving

We are not sure exactly how you should make use of this information, but a new report released today by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy comes to the conclusion that in two-parent families, the gender of a family’s firstborn child drives the likelihood the parents will give and to what causes.