Navajo Nation Prepares to Sue EPA after Disastrous Wastewater Spill

August 31, 2015; The Hill

A few weeks ago, NPQ reported on the grief and outrage locals and government officials felt toward the EPA following a disastrous 3 million gallon spill of wastewater into the Animas River, a major waterway in the Southwest. Among those that were vocal about their grievances were residents of the Navajo Nation, a Native American–governed territory that occupies parts of Arizona and Utah that were affected by the spill. As anticipated, the Navajo Nation, which comprises some 300,000 tribe members, is planning legal action against the EPA for also contaminating the San Juan River, an important water source. According to The Hill, the Navajo Nation has hired a prominent firm to represent them, with John Hueston leading the team. Hueston was the lead prosecutor on the case against the Enron executives who were convicted of fraud and conspiracy in 2006.


Denver’s Cultural FACE-Off

The division over proposed changes to SCFD funding grows as members of Denver’s Tier II and III cultural organizations create Friends of Arts & Culture Equity, or FACE.