• Greg Cantori

    The project is also a great example of all the wrong ways to sustainably develop. Poor provision of mass transit/bicycling for low income workers, no green building that I could discern, acres of parking/impervious surfaces encouraging driving, sprawl at its worst… I’m surprised the environmental funders didn’t put up more of a fight.

  • rick cohen

    Greg: Don’t you wonder sometimes if there’s a suspension of analysis that goes on at foundation conferences? Somehow, the analysis is all “out there”, but not right where the event is taking place (for example, how many foundation programs have taken place in non-union settings despite many funders’ support for unions, workers rights, etc.?). It’s not to be unfair to foundations–many of us do that–but your point is important, that if we have values–smart growth vs sprawl, etc.–we should apply them to our work wherever we are, and not put them in cold storage simply because we happen to be feting ourselves at a large foundation conference.