• Ron Gamel

    Do NFL teams get any special tax benefits
    for the salaries that is paid to its players.
    Thank you

  • rick cohen

    Dear Ron: What kind of special tax benefits for salaries are you thinking about?

  • Kris Williams

    Rick, Where can I find current IRS forms that the NFL has filed?

  • rick cohen

    Dear Kris: I responded on Saturday but my comment got lost, so please accept my tardiness apology. I checked and the 990s for the National Football League (a 501c6) are still posted on Guidestar, I assume accessible on Guidestar premium, I don’t know about the free Guidestar. You can always request 990s directly from the IRS too, though I’ve had spotty responses from the IRS despite using the Service’s online request form. Let NPQ readers know what you find.

  • Leila

    Hi Rick,

    Do you know where I can find more about the MLB’s conversion to for-profit status?


  • kris williams

    Thanks for the response. I got some run-around from the NFL when I called them directly, but, after e-mailing someone in their tax division, I received a digital copy of their 990 filings for 2007-2009.

    Joe Browne is the executive that you have quoted above as saying that he’s finally gotten to the point where he’s making $150K and that requiring the disclosure of what he makes would lead a lawyer-neighbor who makes $1 million to laugh.

    The NFL’s 990 filings for 2009 report that he took home a lot more than $150K.

    He should have said “I finally get to the point where I’m making twice as much as the lawyer making $1 Million dollars a year who lives next door and now the IRS wants to let everyone know it.”