Nonprofit Newswire | Kraft’s Cheesy “Philanthropy”

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March 8, 2010; Dallas Morning News | It looks likes a charity event is about to blow up in Irving, Texas over who is going to win the rights to distribute $75,000 to local nonprofits. Kraft Foods and the Physicians for Responsible Medicine are squaring off to secure the sponsorship of the planned April 11 implosion of Texas Stadium, former home of the Dallas Cowboys. Originally, Kraft promised the city $75,000 in cash and the same amount in donated products so that it could use the event to market a new macaroni and cheese product and also hold an essay contest for kids who have had the most impact on their local community. In response, the doctor’s group has issued a counter-offer saying that the city shouldn’t allow Kraft to promote the kind of products that it charges are “fueling the obesity epidemic.” The Physician’s group says it will give $75,000 to the city “if you draw attention to the obesity epidemic by draping a banner across Texas Stadium with the headline ‘Cheese Really Blows You Up’ and an illustration of an obese man gorging on cheese.” An announcement issued by the physicians’ group claims that some one-third of Texas children are “now overweight and the problem is particularly acute among Hispanic and African-Americans.” For some, picking very public fights might be an effective strategy . . . if you’re willing to stand the heat.—Bruce Trachtenberg