Mystery Money and the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

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Though we may be drawn to it in our reading choices and sometimes, regrettably in our personal relationships, mystery is something most of us would rather not see as a major characteristic of philanthropic institutions. Especially when our view of the door leading to the riches is obscured.
This brings us to the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund.

There it sits.

Holding $3.7 billion in donor advised funds, paying out at five times the rate of most philanthropies, making grants for general operating support at twice the rate of foundations . . . and still growing.

Allow us to introduce the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund to you in this NPQ interview [] with the Gift Fund’s CEO, Sarah Libbey. Do note that you will not find a magic bullet here to tell you how your nonprofit might access the billions in Fidelity’s donor advised funds. But you might just get a better understanding of the future shape of philanthropy with commercially affiliated charitable funds such as Fidelity’s in the future.