Nonprofit Newswire | Is This the New Generosity?

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March 16, 2010; Washington Post | Being generous is one thing, but acting like you are generous because the law demands it is another. The Washington Post reports how Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell “has talked for the last couple of months about donating his excess inaugural funds to charity.” But as the Post notes: “The state law has changed and that’s now required.” After his election in 2005 as the state’s attorney general, McDonell transferred $280,000 in leftover inaugural funds to his political account—which the law permitted back then—and which helped his later run. This year—because he has no choice—McConnell will transfer $100,000 to charity.—Bruce Trachtenberg

  • Emile Paradis

    I really appreciate the work you all put in to keep us posted on what’s happening. However (you knew that was coming), how about we drop the (pejorative, depending on your political bent) Republican and Democrat from Governor So-and-So. We all complain about extreme partisan politics but we keep throwing gas on the fire. While we’re at it, African, Italian, Franco, Islamic, et al Americans should go, too. Let’s stress our commonalities instead of highlighting our differences.