• William Huddleston

    I agree with you about the value of communication and I’m glad to hear from you.

    One area that you are in a better position to address than I am is something that I think is a huge problem for the entire non-profit sector, namely it’s invisibility to the general public.

    And for other readers, please don’t protest saying “But everyone knows who we are, we do such good work, etc.”

    That’s not the point, and I use a simple example: Go into any Barnes and Noble or Borders and ask for the “Non-profit Section”. There isn’t one. Depending on the experience of the individual book seller they may know that many of the non-profit books are either in the Business and Management section or that some are in the Finance section, but there is no “Non-profit” section.

    Since the non-profit sector does account for about 10% of the workforce, I think it would help if there was a movement to get it defined as it’s own section.

    In a related vein, in the periodicals section I never see any of the periodicals that deal with the non-profit world, available for sale: NP Quarterly, Chronicle of Philanthropy, NonProfit Times, Fundraising Success, etc.

    I know that the initial reaction from the stores will be that “There’s no demand for them, so we don’t sell any of those titles,” but it is truly a chicken and egg question. If they stocked some of them, people would buy them.

    Bill Huddleston
    The CFC Coach
    BillHuddleston1 at gmail dot com