Nonprofit Newswire | Death Threats and Immigration Law

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May 6, 2010; San Diego News Network | This is a useful reminder of the serious work that many nonprofits do. The Center for Social Advocacy in El Cajon, outside of San Diego, California, has suffered vandalism and threats, including a death threat, that appear to be connected to the organization’s advocacy for immigrant rights. One incident involved a middle-aged white man who banged on the center’s office window and screamed, “I know who you are! I know what you do! I’m going to kill you!” before he ran off. A few days later, someone spray-painted “bitch,” on the agency’s front door. In a third incident, the front window was smashed and a laptop stolen. Whether these are related incidents or not, they must be very troubling to the Center’s staff. Here at NPQ, we’ve written about the challenges facing immigrant rights groups. Outside of San Diego, the courage of the staff of the Center for Social Advocacy against these threats should be applauded.—Rick Cohen