Nonprofit Newswire | Right To Die Billboard—Promoting Consideration and Dialogue

June 16, 2010; Source: KTVU | The Nonprofit Newswire has been tracking interesting marketing campaigns by nonprofits. This one is very simple but it gets the job done. In San Francisco recently a stark black and white billboard appeared that read “My Life, My Death, My Choice.” Sponsored by New Jersey’s Final Exit Network, the billboard is intended to promote public dialogue and provide contact information for this right to die organization. The group intends to erect similar billboards in Florida in the near future.—Ruth McCambridge

  • James Charles

    And how does this six word statement promote dialogue?

  • Ruth McCambridge

    Here’s how it happens in my family–

    “Did you see that billboard down the street? Weird huh?”

    “Oh, I think it’s great. Remember that Terry Schiavo case?”

    “That was gross but you know Mom wants to take herself out if she senses senility coming on. I don’t know if you know it but Aunt Mindy basically took a powder. Remember how she was lingering and then just suddenly went? I think Mom helped her actually.”

    Like that….at least in my family