Nonprofit Newswire | Social Media: Instant Oil Spill

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June 28, 2010; Source: | Finally, social marketing that doesn’t want to make a buck! Greener Media, a Brooklyn-based, award-winning, multimedia production company, got together with the cause marketers at Mark&Phil to bring to browsers across the Internet. The site asks for a web address—I gave—and allows you to watch as a simulated oil spill takes over the site until there’s total blackout. When the screen goes black, you’re asked to visit A Cleaner Future, a website with resources—news, policy suggestions, petitions, ways to volunteer and donate—but not an ounce of self-congratulation, or remuneration for the project. They do show you another project that needs funding and a documentary on the spill that Greener Media is making. —James David Morgan

  • Daniel Schutzsmith

    Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so thrilled to read this review because it looks like you understood exactly what we were going for. We’re truly interested in raising awareness without putting too much of the focus on our own businesses.

    There are a few other campaigns we’ll be launching over the next few months so we’re hoping to keep them as genuine and simple as this.

    Thanks again,