Nonprofit Newswire | Kellogg Foundation makes Record Breaking Grant to Cal Poly Pomona

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July 26, 2010; Source: LA Times | The W.K. Kellogg Foundation awarded $42 million to Cal Poly Pomona as one component of its new initiative to promote racial healing. This is one of the largest grants in California state history. According to the article, “The money will be used to increase enrollment of first-generation college students, recently emancipated foster youth, military veterans and other underrepresented populations in Southern California.” The campus is the 12th most diverse in the country but this is not the only reason for the gift. The cereal magnate/ founder of the foundation owned an arabian horse ranch bordering the campus.  This was deeded to the University two years before Kellogg’s death in 1949. The gift was made in part to honor his 150th birthday. In the end it is, of course, all about relationships.—Ruth McCambridge