Nonprofit Newswire | Facebook Donations Pay for Anti-Immigration Law Billboard

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August 10, 2010; Source: | New and old media are joining forces to help a nonprofit group protest Arizona’s immigration law. Donations to its Facebook page provided funds for Brave New Foundation—a California organization that uses the media to champion for social justice—to pay for a billboard in Phoenix that warns drivers of what will happen if Senate Bill 1070 is implemented. The billboard’s message: “Have your papers ready – Racial profiling just ahead.”

Even though a federal judge recently put most of what critics call the “papers please” law on hold, groups like Brave New Foundation want to keep the pressure on. “We know the government and the folks that are behind this law are pushing forward and they’re not gonna stop. We know there are elections around the corner and this is an issue that will have an impact, at least in the discussion, so we believe if they’re continuing to fight, we must continue the fight as well,” said Axel Caballero, who created the fan site for Brave New Foundation.

The foundation chose a heavily trafficked part of the city to increase chances the message would be seen by “the most varied and most amount of people,” Caballero added. The group is exploring the possibility of putting up more signs.—Bruce Trachtenberg