Nonprofit Newswire | August 13, 2010

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The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Massachusetts Creates New Protections For Homeowners And Tenants

August 12, 2010; The Gov Monitor | Recent legislation in Massachusetts will likely allow more tenants to stay in their homes, and nonprofits to more easily redevelop foreclosed properties.—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Burning Man Artists Burned by PayPal

August 12, 2010; San Francisco Bay Guardian | The Flux Foundation's assets were frozen by PayPal days ahead of a major installation planned for this year's Burning Man festival.—James David Morgan

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Group Proposes to Turn Postal Center into Community Living

August 11, 2010; KPBS | Bids for a fomer mail distribution center in California include one nonprofit's aspiration to turn the building into transitional housing for the homeless.—Bruce Trachtenberg

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Child Welfare Success in Tennessee and Evidence-Based Practice

August 10, 2010; The Daily Beacon | NPQ follows up with Tennessee-based nonprofit Youth Villages, in the news now for laudatory performance in addressing childrens' issues.—Ruth McCambridge

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Last Year's Fumble Cost Youth Workers Pay

August 11, 2009; Courier Journal | Louisville is withholding some $27,000 in pay this year to low income youth, due to an audit of the sponsoring nonprofit.—Bruce Trachtenberg

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Fidelity Gift Fund Continues Growth Spurt

August 11, 2010; Financial Advisor | The Fidelity Gift Fund reported continued, rapid growth—nearly 70%0—during the last six month.—Ruth McCambridge

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Money on the Barrel for Packard Foundation Green Building Plan

August 11, 2010; Mercury News | A communications breakdown between philanthropy and government is hindering the Packard Foundation's new construction plans.—Rick Cohen

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