Nonprofit Newswire | August 24, 2010

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The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

WikiLeaks Wants You To Know Everything, Except Where Its Money Comes From

August 23, 2010; Wall Street Journal | According to the Wall Street Journal, WikiLeaks "has established a complex system for collecting and disbursing its donations to obscure their origin and use."—Bruce Trachtenberg

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Internal Fraud Cover-up Exposed

August 23, 2010; News-Press | The Fort Meyers Rotary Club hushed up the fact a former director embezzled $235,000 two years ago from its trust fund.—Bruce Trachtenberg

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

What is Happening to Salaries of Nonprofit Leaders?

August 22, 2010; Montgomery Advertiser | Surveys reveal that executive pay levels are increasingly linked to performance measures, mostly in terms of money raised.—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Microfinance Bank SKS Mutates—Good or Bad?

August 23, 2010; Good | SKS Microfinance's public offering netted the institution $350 million in new growth capital.—Ruth McCambridge

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Candidate Proposes Lawmakers Disclose Ties to Nonprofits

August 23, 2010; Daily News | If elected as New York's attorney general, Sean Coffey promises to crack down on politicians caught doling out money to nonprofits with which they're already a bit too cozy.—Bruce Trachtenberg

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Is the Door Ajar on Teach for America Critical Analysis?

August 23, 2010; Washington Post | Lately, the press has been taking a slightly more questioning view of TFA.—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Newswire

Look for Disclosure from Electioneering Nonprofits

August 22, 2010; Detroit Free Press | The debate continues about the lack of disclosure by tax exempt groups—501(c)(4)s—engaged in political advertisements during campaigns.—Rick Cohen


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