Nonprofit Newswire | What’s More Important Than Facebook?

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September 23, 2010; Source: | Over 400 million of us use Facebook. Many of us have reconnected with a childhood friend. Others use Facebook to make professional connections. Brothers, Christopher and David Mikkelsen, have created a social network for the greater good.

The Mikkelsen’s founded Refugees United, an NGO that uses secure web and mobile technology to enable refugees to find loved ones throughout the world; and recently at the Clinton Global Initiative they announced a commitment to expanding their platform to mobile phones. In many areas of the world cell phone access is much more pervasive and reliable than an Internet connection.

Watch Refugee United’s powerful video message below:

Refugees United—Finding Family from Refugees United on Vimeo.

Refugees United are partnering with Ericsson, the UN High Commission for Refugees, Ugandan mobile operator MTN, and Delta Partners to make their mission a reality.

Say what you will about the greater role of corporate responsibility in society, but this partnership has the promise to touch the lives of many.—Aaron Lester