Speak Out—What Do Today’s Elections Mean for You?

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altThe political mood this election season can be summed up in two words: decidedly anti-incumbent. Large numbers of voters across the country, eager for an economic turnaround, are telling their elected officials to step aside as unemployment numbers continue to rise and many states continue to cut services to cover budget gaps.

The likely outcome today is a Republican surge that could repaint the political map far redder than it was two years ago.

The Cook Political Report predicts a Democratic net loss of 50 to 60 seats in the House, with higher losses possible. A turnover of just 39 seats would tip majority status into Republican hands. The Republicans stand to gain six to eight seats in the Senate according to Cook. Other polls show similar numbers.

So what does this mean for you, for us—for the people whose lives depend on the policies a new Congressional class promises to pursue?

Today, Election Day, we ask you what your greatest hopes and your greatest fears are come Wednesday. Be specific. Where do you live? What field do you work in? Who are your senators and representatives? How will your life, your organization’s life, and the lives of your constituents change after the elections?

Use this space to sound off. Comment below. Write to us. Tell us what’s happening with you.

  • David Lee Finley

    My greatest hope is that new representatives will not allow the old ways to continue the downward spiral that our economy is suffering. Without naming names, the promise of new jobs, better health care, and more secure futures must find some results or disillusion the next two or three generations that will follow.

    `Hay … that sounds just like my greatest fear.

    Where are the leaders and heroes that saved us from the last great depression? I guess the smart ones took to their golden parachutes for a worldly retirement? What a shame! What a sham! …and they knew it was coming and still were gaming the system, but at least their grandchildren will be much safer growing up trust-fund babies. As it stands, its the rest of the kids who will have to dig us out of this deepening hole.

    Government should only point the way.

    Collectively, we must hold our newly elected officials to the fire. We must demand more and better results. We must not accept more talk and promises. Lets get the think-tanks thinking, so we can all start to FEEL BETTER.

    Thinking and Feeling are things we all can do. One is always going to be dominate over the other. Whichever the case, we seem only to be WAITING FOR SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE IT BETTER. We seem to be able to all wait for a very long time. Let’s stop those who are digging the hole from digging it any deeper. If its `gonna be, its up to you and me!

    David Lee Finley
    Dover-Foxcroft, Maine