Very Unusual Philanthropy: Free Drugs

November 4, 2010; Source: | In the post-election cycle now upon us, and with the GOP threatening to repeal health care legislation, at least some people in Orange, N.J., can breathe a sigh of relief that someone is looking out for them.

Earlier this week the Heinz Family Philanthropies announced that it is pairing with pharmaceutical companies to provide discounted medicines for people suffering chronic illness while making it free for the uninsured. In making the announcement at press conference, Mayor Eldrige Hawkins Jr., said, “We are going to be able to provide residents without healthcare with access to affordable prescription drugs. In tough economic times, people’s access to healthcare and ability to pay for drugs is greatly diminished.” reports that the mayor approached the Heinz Family Philanthropies a year ago and asked for help in bringing this program—which operates elsewhere in New Jersey and other states—to Orange. “It was clear from what he described that there were residents in need,” the foundation’s president Jeffrey Lewis said. “That is a goal of ours to make sure that people in need have access to the medication they need.” To qualify for free brand-name medicine, individuals must be uninsured and their personal income can’t exceed $22,000 or top $44,000 for a family of four.—Bruce Trachtenberg

  • Kevin T.

    good story, minus the political under tone.I would hope that the Heinz org was not just providing free medical drugs to the uninsured simply because they want people to feel their back are being watched because of a political shift of power. I would hope that they would offer this “relief” under any other circumstances. To not do so, would make them just seem like the good guy in this situation. And that would be ethically poor in my book.

  • Bruce Trachtenberg

    Clearly the Heinz Family Philanthropies made their decision long before the election. It just seemed worth noting that this announcement happened to coincide with the threats of the GOP to repeal the healthcare bill that would extend coverage to so many uninsured. Just the fact that the Heinz Family Philanthropies – without having the benefit of any crystal ball about the future – speaks volumes about their generosity. It also should make us thankful that not everyone’s hearts are turning hard, especially toward people who have so little as it is.