The Philanthrobabble Generator

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talkng heads and philanthropbabble

Thanks to the Philanthrobabble Generator (PBG), an innovative and impactful component of NPQ’s capacity building toolbox, you will never again have to actually think for yourself when crafting a grant proposal. This is your handy dandy one-stop shop for pre-fab phrases of sectoral jargon in current use. And they sure seem like they should mean something!

Slip one into your newest proposal and report back on the leveraging value add of this effort!

NPQ would like to thank all of its readers who donated the jargon that most annoys them and to our one special reader, Ophelia Paine, who is responsible for developing the PBG.

Hit the button below to generate jargon.

{source} [[script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”]]
var max1 = 80;
var max2 = 90;
var max3 = 140;

index1 = Math.round(Math.random() * max1);
index2 = Math.round(Math.random() * max2);
index3 = Math.round(Math.random() * max3);

array1 = new Array(“adopt”, “advance”, “analyze”, “assess”, “assist”, “benchmark”, “brainstorm”, “build to scale”, “calliibrate”, “celebrate”, “characterize”,
“clarify”, “co-create”, “commission”, “commit”, “communicate”, “conceptualize”, “convene”, “cultivate”, “define”, “deploy”, “develop”, “disseminate”,
“document”, “drill down on”, “elevate”, “enhance”, “envision”, “evaluate”, “expand”, “explore”, “extend”, “extrapolate”, “generate”, “generate”, “grow”,
“harness”, “highlight”, “identify”, “maximize”, “measure”, “morph”, “move the dial on”, “navigate”, “nurture”, “operationalize”, “plan”, “profile”, “promote”,
“quantify”, “raise the profile of”, “ramp up”, “rebrand”, “recognize”, “reconceptualize”, “redefine”, “reenvision”, “refocus”, “reframe”, “reinvent”, “replicate”,
“research”, “respond to”, “restructure”, “retweet”, “revitalize”, “roll out”, “safeguard”, “scope out”, “seek partners for”, “showcase”, “spearhead”, “strengthen”, “synergize”, “take to scale”, “target”,
“test the feasibility of”, “transform”, “unleash”, “utilize”, “visualize”);

array2 = new Array(“accountable”, “achievable”, “affinity-based”, “authentic”, “back-of-the-envelope”, “best-in-breed”, “best-in-class”, “citizen-centered”, “client-focused”, “coalition-based”,
“collaborative”, “community-based”, “community-driven”, “compelling”, “comprehensive”, “coordinated”, “cost-effective”, “cross-sector”, “culturally-relevant”, “culturally-sensitive”, “customized”,
“cutting-edge”, “data-driven”, “digital”, “efficient”,”emerging”, “established”, “evidence-based”, “faith-based”, “family-friendly”, “global”, “grassroots”, “grasstops”, “ground-breaking”, “high-bandwidth”,
“high-impact”, “humanitarian”, “hyperlocal”, “impactful”, “in-kind”, “inclusive”, “indigenous”, “innovative”, “integrated”, “intensive”, “interactive”, “local”, “long-term”, “low-bandwidth”, “meaningful”, “measurable”,
“mission-driven”, “mission-oriented”, “multimedia”, “mutual”, “nonprofit”, “online”, “opportunistic”, “organizational”, “philanthropic”, “pioneering”, “positive”, “proactive”, “program-related”, “prospective”, “public-private”,
“regional”, “research-based”, “rights-based”, “robust”, “sectoral”, “shared”, “short-term”, “smart”, “socially responsible”, “state-of-the-art”, “strategic”, “sustainable”, “synergistic”, “technology-driven”, “transactional”,
“transformational”, “transparent”, “ubiquitous”, “underserved”, “validated”, “value-added”, “virtual”, “volunteer”, “web-based”, “youth-oriented”);

array3 = new Array(“action plans”, “advisory committees”, “advocacy campaigns”, “asset building”, “B corporations”, “best practices”, “board retreats”,
“business plans”, “capacity building”, “change agents”, “civic engagement”, “collaborations”, “communications strategies”, “community organizing”,
“community renewal”, “community-building”, “concept papers”, “conference calls”, “consensus-building”, “constituencies”, “consultancies”, “content development”,
“conversations”, “core competencies”, “core values”, “deliverables”, “demographics”, “dialogues”, “diversity”, “e-activism”, “e-advocacy”, “e-newsletters”,
“e-philanthropy”, “effectiveness”, “evaluation methodologies”, “executive leadership”, “exit strategies”, “expert panel discussions”, “feasibility studies”,
“fellowship opportunities”, “financial sustainability plans”, “frameworks”, “funding streams”, “geographic information systems”, “giving circles”,
“governance “, “human capital”, “ideas”, “impact investing”, “implementation plans”, “information architecture”, “information systems”, “infrastructure”,
“initiatives”, “interventions”, “investments”, “leadership”, “learnings”, “linkages”, “listening tours”, “management development programs”, “matching grants”,
“media outreach campaigns”, “mentoring programs”, “metrics”, “micro-loans”, “microblogs”, “microfinance”, “milestones”, “mobile giving”, “models”,
“needs assessments”, “networks”, “online activists”, “outcomes”, “perceptions”, “performance assessments”, “performance metrics”, “philanthrobabble”,
“pilot projects”, “pipelines for new funding”, “pipelines for new leaders”, “pledge drives”, “policy recommendations”, “policymaker briefings”,
“policymaking networks”, “program criteria”, “program development”, “program reviews”, “program-related investments”, “public education campaigns”,
“publications”, “recruitment strategies”, “reorganizations”, “research centers”, “revenue models”, “risk-avoidance”, “risk-mitigation”, “risk-taking”,
“sabbaticals for experienced grantwriters”, “sabbaticals for program staff”, “sabbaticals for senior managers”, “skill sets”, “social awareness”,
“social capital”, “social enterprises”, “social entrepreneurs”, “social innovation”, “social marketing campaigns”, “social media”, “social movements”,
“social networks”, “social ventures”, “software applications”, “staff development”, “stakeholder dialogues”, “stakeholder feedback”, “stakeholder groups”,
“statements of principles”, “stewardship”, “strategic alliances”, “succession plans”, “sustainability”, “target groups”, “taxonomies”, “team-building”,
“technical assistance”, “technology”, “timelines”, “toolkits”, “training manuals”, “training programs”, “typologies”, “used-generated videos”, “user experiences”,
“values education”, “venture philanthropy”, “volunteer networks”, “Web 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 applications”, “web portals”, “webinars”, “youth leadership”);

function getResult()
index1 = Math.round(Math.random() * max1);
index2 = Math.round(Math.random() * max2);
index3 = Math.round(Math.random() * max3);

document.frmTest.txtTest.value = array1[index1] + ” ” + array2[index2] + ” ” + array3[index3];

[[/script]] {/source}


  • Cher Hersrud


  • Margaret Garigan

    This state-of-the-art capacity builder compellingly maximizes the win-win!

  • MelissaM

    uniquely qualified

  • Teresa GC

    Constellation of ideas

  • Brad R

    Analysis Paralysis

  • Jonathan Peizer

    But is it sustainable? 😉

  • Margot Knight

    enhance capacity for cultural competence

  • Dan Hillman

    The epitome of qualitative analysis.

    Outcome based programmatic designs.

  • Dan Hillman

    Renovate marginalized communities

  • Arlette Merritt

    But will it increase transparency?

  • Devon Kearney

    If this is scalable to include for-profit jargon, you might have the basis for a cross-sectoral partnership to generate scads of earned income.

    Does anyone else here use “scads of income” in proposal writing?

  • VR Hogan

    There are so many….operationalize, replicable, maximization, paradigm,seamless, collaborative conditions, mission-driven, holistic

  • VR Hogan

    I’ve never used it…don’t think of scads as a positive, although it’s neutral. Scads of children sounds like way too many, scads of money sounds wasteful.

  • Bruce S Trachtenberg

    When you get done having a laugh at this made up jargon, visit our Jargon Finder ( for examples or real jargon from nonprofits and foundations that eagle eye Tony Proscio has spotted, commented on, and deservedly ridiculed).

  • Nick Deychakiwsky

    Now, that’s transformative! 8)

  • Jim News

    “dynamic progression”

  • Janet Henry

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    Omar Henry
    Samaria Henry
    Gaberille Henry
    Nakayla Tomlin
    Noah Henry
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