Diddy or Didn’t He?

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December 5, 2010; Source: New York Post | It cost $80,000 to get Sean “Diddy” Combs to agree to host a “Pink Party” fundraiser in October at the Glo nightclub on Long Island for two New York breast cancer charities. Diddy got his fee, but the two charities claim they “never got a penny,” according to Carolyn Spector of the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Foundation (which provides breast reconstruction operations for underprivileged patients). And a spokesperson for the Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition said, “We haven’t seen anything yet.”

The theme was to wear something pink, which Diddy didn’t do and claimed not to have known he was supposed to have done. With capacity for 2,000, Glo was packed with guests who paid $10 to get in and $1,000 to hobnob with Diddy personally. The idea for the Pink Party, modeled after Diddy’s famous “White Party” in the Hamptons, came from the son of the owner of Glo itself.

The charities thought they were getting the proceeds, probably after expenses, for the party. A spokesperson for the club disagreed, saying, “If there was a profit, a portion of it would be given to the charity.” Although claiming to be a big time supporter of breast cancer research, Diddy, who is reportedly worth $380 million and earned $30 million last year, said he was actually unaware of any charity deal between Glo and the two breast cancer nonprofits and the $80,000 was just an appearance fee.

One wonders what he thought when the club was full of people wearing pink stuff. Anyhow, in dealing with celebrities making themselves available for charitable fundraising, there was a lesson learned here. According Spector of the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Foundation, “Nothing was written down, but we were told we would get part of the take.”

The founder of Bad Boy Records, Diddy is a talented rapper, promoter, and actor, but his rep has long been a little questionable. He has been charged with running a sweatshop manufacturing operation in Honduras where his Sean Jean clothing line is manufactured and he has fathered at least five children out of wedlock. It seems to us that P. Diddy did just fine at the party, but breast cancer research didn’t. Next time, when you’re dealing with a character with Diddy’s history, you better get it in writing.—Rick Cohen

  • TBurke

    I have seen things like this happen all of the time in my line of work where there are “handlers” and “middle men” make promises on both ends and BOTH parties are unaware that they are being scammed on some level. Not to say Diddy was innocent, but I see no real reason for him to cheat a charity. He does plenty of charity work and I’ve never heard these complaints. What about the club owner? Also, your comment about fathering 5 children out of wedlock is in poor taste. He has 5 children 4 with two different long time girlfriends and 1 other ALL of whom he takes care of and an additional two whom he adopted. That has NOTHING to do with this issue. Give me a break.

  • rick cohen

    Dear TBurke: I agree and disagree. First, the comment about Diddy’s familial status was from the articles, and you’re exactly right, it’s irrelevant to the story. It’s the problem of celeb stories, they add in more than what’s needed, because celebs titillate. Where you and I don’t agree is about the charity work. For many celebs, the charity work is sometimes less than charitable. If Diddy was interested in breast cancer charity work, he didn’t need an $80k appearance fee and the post-event comments that he wasn’t really aware of the “wear pink” elements, etc. And there’s no excuse for scamming nonprofits. This has to stop. It happens all too often, particularly around fundraising events like these. Sometimes the celeb may be being “used” like the charities, but the celeb has an obligation to make sure his or her appearance on behalf of charity is (a) legit and (b) generates some benefit for the charities in question. Thanks for your response.