Idealware Reviews Tools for Building Nonprofit Websites

December 9, 2010; Source: Idealware | Idealware released yesterday an essential report on nonprofit website systems, which details four content management systems that are popular in the third sector: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and Plone. These software options are behind many a nonprofit website because they make the task of building and maintaining websites much quicker, easier, and more dynamic.

Idealware worked with nonprofit-friendly experts to examine the costs and benefits of each system, in order to help nonprofits choose which might make for the best fit.

If your organization is considering a new site, this is a report you must read. Not only do the authors raise questions that every organization should consider, they compare the systems in non-technical language that will make it easy to get started. For the more web-savvy reader, the authors have included a separate section with their in-depth analysis on subjects ranging from user roles to SEO.

This report is an update to a study Idealware released on the same subject in 2009. Since their earlier report, Plone and WordPress have undergone major changes, and Joomla and Drupal have big upgrades just around the corner. As such, the report is also of benefit to industry techies who need to keep abreast of new developments. It also has some surprising marketshare metrics that are worth a read!

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  • Laura Quinn

    Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about the report, James! We’re really honored that you thought so highly of it!

  • Rich Farlinger

    Whoopeee! How nice! A very helpful organization for needy non-profits. 😀

  • Michael Slater

    Something that all non-profits should also consider is whether an open-source solution is the right one for them. Hosted content management systems are an important alternative that minimize the cost of implementing and maintaining the site, while eliminating technical hassles and security concerns.

    Free software is great, but when you take the manpower costs into account, it is often more expensive than commercial, supported systems.

  • Marc

    @Michael Slater,

    You should clearly identify yourself as a representative of a company that sells a hosted content management system (as the link in your name goes).

    Although open source solutions do require some care and feeding, they have come a long way in their ease-of-use and the maintenance needs are clearly spelled out in the Idealware report. Don’t assume that “open-source” equals “hard to use and maintain.”