Nonprofits Brace for Drastic Cuts to Income Programs In California

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January 11, 2011; Source: Contra Costa Times | In his new budget, California Governor Jerry Brown is proposing cuts to income support programs for poor families. Nonprofit organizations already working overtime to provide food, shelter and other basics to an increasing number of people in need, are concerned. Proposed cuts include a nearly 25 percent reduction to CalWORKs, which provides income and child care subsidies to low-income families with children and a $15-a-month cut for recipients of a program for the blind, aged and disabled. These cuts say local food and housing programs will translate to more need for their services and they are already having trouble keeping pace. On top of providing more services, these same groups will need to fundraise more because the money for any expansion of services cannot come from the already decimated state budget.—Ruth McCambridge

  • CalSolarEng

    Truth is that there are no easy solutions right now. No matter how you look at it people are going to loose- maybe in thinking big picture/long term we can actually decrease the need for this charity services that really keep people needing… hopefully i should say.