What’s in a Name? Carol Cone says “Plenty!”

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January 13, 2011; Source: Bisnow | How much does an organization’s name affect its outcomes? This article discusses the travails of a number of organizations saddled with outmoded, obscure, overly lengthy or otherwise awkward names and their success stories once they renamed themselves. While we are not sure we buy the whole story of redemption by renaming, the discussion of the names and the considerations that go into rebranding should be interesting to many. One of the organizations discussed for instance is a small group in Austin, Texas that is involved in easing the college admissions process – unfortunately named Admission Control. This led to calls from people interested in the space program. A renaming process led to the much more boring but evidently clearer “College Forward.” Sometimes puns are just counterproductive, in other words. We won’t try to summarize the rest of the article. Read it for yourself!—Ruth McCambridge

  • John e Miller

    Re: 121AuthEnt.org
    After reading the article, I am doing just about everything wrong especially in that my 501c3’s name is awkward. However, KEY to my mission is the provision in US Copyright Law that one must be an ‘authorized entity’ under Section 121 to be exempt from copyright restrictions … and that the 501c3 must have a ‘primary mission’ in providing Braille or other ‘specialized format’ materials to the reading disabled.

    So my decision to use such an awkward name stems from any potential legal challenge to my copyright exempt status even if recognition and potential donations may take a backseat.