Nonprofit Cancels Palin Talk Over Safety Concerns

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February 5, 2011; Source: Denver Post | Just a day after announcing that Sarah Palin would be its keynote speaker at a May fundraiser in Glendale, Colo., the nonprofit that invited her canceled the event because of concerns for her safety. According to The Denver Post, on Friday the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation, a group that supports military families and at risk youth, said that the former Alaskan governor would speak at its May 2 Patriots & Warriors Gala. On Saturday, the group issued a news release saying the event had been canceled following "an onslaught of negative feedback received by the organization."

The sudden cancellation of Palin's speech is just one of many strange pieces to this story. Although the event was formally announced to the news media on Friday, the group actually had first posted information about the gala on its Facebook page on Jan. 10 and then began selling $185 tickets on Jan. 16. Two weeks later, the group cut $15 off ticket prices. Then on Wednesday – two days before the formal media announcement – ticket prices were cut in half.

In its statement on Saturday, the group said no "direct threats have been made against anyone, but the recent increase in negative rhetoric against the former Alaska governor raises concern for her safety and the safety of others." The Denver Post also notes that May 2, when Palin was supposed to speak in Colorado, is the same date as the NBC/Politico 2012 Republican presidential candidates debate, set for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. Although none of the presumptive candidates have committed to attend, the big question now is whether Palin will take advantage of this sudden opening on her calendar.—Bruce Trachtenberg

  • John Martinez

    Good news!Sarah Palin doesn’t care about Alaska or The U.S. She only cares about the size of her bank account. This self professed non-profit group deserves to be investigated.

  • Mary Macias

    I am so sick and tired of the radical left and the liberal media who keep attacking a wonderful person like Sarah Palin. The left always wants to say that they are for freedom of speech but only for them. So when a conservative person like Sarah voices her opinion – they want to shut her up. No more. If anyone should shutup is the crazy left.

  • George Riley

    This headline is misleading: it should read “…Over Alleged Safety Concerns”.
    Given that tickets were selling very poorly, and that the date conficted with the Republican debate, the Foundation and/or the Palin camp apparently decided to cancel the event. The “safety concerns” issue is pretty obviously a bogus face-saving publicity tactic. There was only 24 hours between the so-called “formal announcement” and the cancellation – even in the Internet age this is too short to credibly receive “an onslaught of negative feedback”. But most people will take this phony announcement as fact, providing the Palin camp an excellent platform from which to target her detractors as hateful spouters of violent and threatening rhetoric (the best defense being a good offense). Did Mr. Trachtenberg miss all these points?

  • Bruce Trachtenberg

    Thanks for your comments, George. Newswires are a combination of summaries and observations of previously published news items. They are not original news articles. Therefore, we have to rely on what the article we are referring to states. Like I said, we can offer an observation, but we cannot add facts that we don’t have or that haven’t been verified. In this case, the group claimed the cancellation was due to safety concerns. Yet, the story itself did suggest problems with ticket sales, and those are detailed. You are free to form your own conclusions and post them here for others to discuss with you. And we thank you for that.