Donors That Give More to Church Give More Elsewhere

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February 14, 2011; Source: | The study referenced in this blog post on reinforces the fact that donors are definitely not a zero sum game. A study conducted by Grey Matter Research Consulting suggests that 50 percent of those that give to their houses of worship also give to other causes. Additionally, the more the donor gives to his or her church, the more he or she will give elsewhere. The study, based on a telephone and online survey of 2,005 people, found that “donors who gave less than $100 to a house of worship also donated an average of $208 to other charities. Those who gave between $100 and $499 to a congregation gave an average of $376 to others. Donors of between $500 and $999 to places of worship gave an average of $916 to others.”—Ruth McCambridge

  • Melissa Brown

    Did the study control for income? My guess is that donors who gave less than $100 to a house of worship gave less to other charities because they have less in the first place.

  • Krilanovich

    I think when you make humble beginnings…a $l00. or less, it sometimes helps you to know you can give, and inspiration is a gift and will encourage more giving…knowing we can all make a difference

  • Ron Sellers

    The study did control for income. Unfortunately, this short blurb gives relatively few details, but you can find considerably more information at