Campaign Promotes Stark Choice In Use of Animals for Medical Research

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April 7, 2011; Source: Pharma Times | If you happen to live in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago or Baltimore, the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR) has a question for you. As part of a campaign that promotes the use of animals in medical research, the foundation is putting up billboards that feature a picture of a rat on one side and a smiling child on the other. The caption positioned between the two images asks, "Who would you rather see live?”

Foundation for Biomedical Research's "Who would you rather see live?” Billboard

Foundation for Biomedical Research's "Who would you rather see live?” billboard

The campaign, described as a multi-million effort, is meant to deliver the message that using animals to advance medical science saves lives, say FBR officials. The billboards, adds FBR President Frankie Trull, "ask people to consider an important ethical dilemma we face as a society: would you rather do away with animal research or have the new medical cures, treatments and therapies for which so many people desperately wait?"

The foundation claims in a statement that its ResearchSaves campaign, which is intended for anyone but the squeamish, has the support of "leading US academic institutions, non-profit organizations, hospitals, patient advocacy groups and healthcare corporations."—Bruce Trachtenberg

  • Ms. Rosner

    Very smart! I did a radio program some years ago opposite an animal-rightist and it ended when I suggested she use her own kids to test drugs so that mine and those of others could have safe medications. She had no response.

  • Jerry

    It seems like a false dichtomy. The issue is not who should die in medical research. The real question is whether use of animals actually speeds up research. And whether there are other options. And if there are none, then how about some safeguards on the treatment of animals. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be cruel just because “they’re going to die anyway.”