Archived Trendcast: The Recession’s Gift – A New Opportunity for Boards to Excel

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Is there a best practice for boards that has emerged out of the recession? Jeanne Bell, CEO of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and an expert in nonprofit management and finance has observed that some boards have been forced to take a deeper look at financial and organizational design as a result of changing revenue streams and that the new practice will serve nonprofits far better than simple financial oversight… if boards can retain the practice even as the recovery occurs.

Jeanne is an incisive, no nonsense thinker on nonprofit finances and a fascinating speaker. Jeanne is CEO of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services—one of the country’s leading providers of training, leadership development, and consulting services to community-based organizations. She is the co-author of Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability (Jossey-Bass) and of Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives: Guiding Your Organization to Long Term Success (Wilder).

  • Patricia

    This was a great webinar. Thank you! Strongly recommend that other listen to it if they missed it he first time.

  • Rex Horoi,

    I am the CEO of FSPI,the Secretariat of one of the largest NGO Networks in the Pacific Region with a Global Executive Board. First of its kind to hear this very useful exchange about Boards the need to make a shift from just oversight to embrace sustainability as well. I do want to contact Jeanne Bell, please can I have her email address and contacts. Rex Horoi

  • Howard Freeman

    The book that Jeanne Bell co-authored, Nonprofit Sustainability, was one of the best and most practical books I’ve read in this field.