Want a Nonprofit Job? These Tips Might Help

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April 23, 2011; Source: Forbes | The recent release of the Nonprofit Employment Trends shows that many nonprofits are hiring again. But, as the author of this Forbes blog post points out, while a promising development, there are three things people seeking jobs at nonprofits – especially individuals trying to break into the sector – should keep in mind.

First, says Kerry Hannon: "It’s still who you know." She says because the overall hiring trend seems to favor talent from other nonprofits for senior/executive positions and "people promoted from within typically fill mid-level vacancies," those outside the sector are going have a harder time landing a job.

For the best places to look for jobs, Hannon says that "CraigsList trumps Careerbuilder." She adds that "recruiters rank online editions of local newspapers and CraigsList as their top places to advertise job openings." Finally, she says because the employment trends survey indicates that "diversity is an issue," and many employers want to make their organizations more ethnically and racially diverse, for those who "fall in this category, this . . . could be an opportunity–provided those hiring take the findings seriously."—Bruce Trachtenberg

  • Dom

    I personally think that volunteering at a non-profit is the first step to land a job in this sector. You not even learn about the whole non-profit environment but you can also make valuable connections with the people that are working there.

    Volunteer, show your talent (whether its webdesign, fundraising, marketing) and NETWORK”.

  • Rui Martins

    For me was a direct hiring, from a leadership perspective and need of the organization: recruitinga professional from the for-profit sector with high credentials & experience on corporate communication. And as time went by, the communication department became a fundamental asset to the NGO, becoming also Board Member. It’s all about to prove your own value and the value of the department itself to the achievement of the “business” goals overtime!