An Achingly Predictable Questioning of Planned Parenthood Salaries

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May 9, 2011; Source: Washington Times | If you can't go through a door, find a window. In this Washington Times editorial, Joel Hesch, a law professor at Liberty University, demands to know what salaries the executives and “abortion doctors” of Planned Parenthood are making. He says that since the taxpayers are footing a third of the bill for these clinics, the salaries should be public.

NPQ is as offended by outrageously high nonprofit salaries as the next one but this editorial simply uses the archetype/specter of the highly compensated public servant to pile on to Planned Parenthood. I wonder when the sector will stand up as one and say these kind of specious politically motivated attacks disguised as accountability raids are indefensible and unacceptable? Hesch writes, “Although technically [Planned Parenthood] cannot use this money to perform abortions, it clearly relies heavily on public funds to run the entire organization, which pays high salaries to doctors performing abortions . . . Wouldn’t the public like to know whether Planned Parenthood needs the $350 million in taxpayer funds just to provide lavish salaries in excess of a quarter-million dollars for its doctors performing abortions?”—Ruth McCambridge

  • Cheryl F

    The limited view of the political realm is so disheartning. The fact that all they can focus on is something that is a small part of what Planned Parenthood does is a sad statement of the ongoing “witch hunts” that continue to plague our country. It is time to say NO to “specious politically motivated attacks”! Cheryl

  • James Charles

    If you are upset about this, I would trust you were equally upset about “predictable” inquiries into various church and evangelist salaries?

  • Ruth McCambridge

    The motivation is critical. In the case of the evangelists, the investigation was pretty obviously motivated by their openly opulent lifestyles rather than any underlying political vendetta. Here, the question is part of a largely misrepresentative campaign that holds up Planned Parenthood as a symbol of “the enemy” with the idea that if PP can be killed than abortion rights will be abolished. In that Planned Parenthood plays many roles as a provider of critical health services for women, the campaign is emblematic of the scorched earth nature of some of the political discourse that is plaguing the country.