A Fence Fundraiser is Arizona’s Latest Tactic in the Immigration Battle

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May 9, 2011; Source: Fox News | Arizona state lawmakers are seeking donations through a soon to be built website to fund a fence between the U.S. and Mexico – whether the federal government thinks it’s a good idea or not.

Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill earlier this month to approve building a website to promote the effort. Steve Smith, first year Republican senator declared, “We are going to build the website as fast as we can, promote it and market the heck out of it.” Donors giving online will receive a certificate declaring that they helped build the Arizona wall. “I think the certificate is going to be a really, really neat thing,” added Smith.

The state’s 376-mile border with Mexico is the busiest gateway both for illegal immigration and marijuana smuggling. Under the bill, the fencing construction could be done with other states or by Arizona alone.

The plan also includes using prison labor to build the fence. Work crews of Arizona minimum security inmates have been used on previous projects to clear brush and clean up trash along the border. Prison officials noted that, “At 50 cents per hour, we are an inexpensive labor force.”

Arizona officials haven’t determined the total cost of the fence, but firmly believe this state effort will cost less than a similar project funded by the federal government.

Democrats and other critics have noted that this legislation is just symbolic and doesn’t address any border issues.

Arizona already is collecting donations to fund a court battle against SP1070 illegal immigration bill. As of a week ago, this fund has received over 44,000 donations totaling more than $3.7 million collected online and through the mail. State officials believe this money will all be spent on this court issue.

Interested supporters will have be patient before they can hand over their donation – a internet search yesterday didn’t find this giving opportunity available yet to fans of the fence.—Nancy Knoche

  • Brittanicus

    The mockery of the illegal Immigration occupation.

    In England Conservative Ian Duncan Hunter stated “there was a link to the other political parties open door policy and rising levels of poverty among low-paid workers, with thousands more people who were chasing jobs.” The Work and Pension Secretary named immigration as one of the causes of rising distress among low-skilled. In the latest official breakdown it showed working age adult poverty in the United Kingdom had reached its highest level in 50 years. Currently in the United States this situation is having comparable consequences on the lower working class, and poverty has sky rocketed in the past twenty years. This is mainly through unfettered illegal immigration adding to the already congested cities and communities. In the 2009 American Community Survey.(ACS). Presented poverty estimates based on data from the 2008 through 2009. There is an almost certain guarantee that States that don’t pass policing laws, they will become the target as California and Nevada and now Utah for illegal aliens. Whereas States as with Georgia whose Governor may sign into law a policing law to protect his people from further financial abuse.

    In a US Census report of Sept 16, 2010, the number of people in poverty increased to 42.9 million. Thirty-one states saw increases in both the number and percentage of people in poverty between the 2008 and the 2009. To me this means America is importing poverty, through porous borders and visa overstays with no end in sight. The only salvation America has now from the illegal immigrant invasion is to join your States local tea party. Tens of millions of Americans and legal residents are becoming members. The TEA PARTY will sever the IRS from stealing your taxes, to pay for welfare and social programs for illegal aliens. In the past thirty years it