• Aaron Miripol

    Much thanks to you Rick on this piece. I would be curious to know how many folks in the meeting are actually doing community development? Far too often the voices in these rooms that “represent” us in the field are removed from the day to day challenges we face. The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is not a panacea for the community development work we do, but with fewer banks today, there are clearly less resources to help support our work. Mr. Cohen’s quoting Bank of America’s Ken Wade’s comments are right on as we cannot simply talk about the units of housing or the amount of commercial space we produce, but rather, it is the ability to better tell the story of the significant economic impact we have been making in urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods. Communities benefit from the front line risk work CDCs do to help stabilize communities with the numerous jobs created by our work and bringing back an expanded local tax base to stabilize neighborhoods. These benefits would not take place without the work we do…lets make sure our national partners don’t forget it.