• Jill Fixler

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational story about how volunteers can help you build organizational capacity so that your organization can fulfill mission and vision.

  • Jackie Norris

    What a wonderful story, and a great point about the value and vitality of volunteerism at its’ best.

    How equally sad, that in this day of increasing dependence on volunteers, volunteer centers around the country are losing funding and closing their doors because not enough funding organizations and individual donors seem to understand the need for an infrastructure to support volunteerism in all our local communities.

  • Krista B.

    Jim, you bring up an excellent point about the importance of volunteers “believing” in your story. When volunteers truly believe in and can relate to the mission they are serving, they are much more likely to put 110% of their heart and soul into the betterment of the organization. As volunteers begin to connect with the cause on a deeper level, often times they are inspired to go out and spread the word about the organization. Resulting in increased exposure and more eager volunteers ready to serve!

    As one of the prior comments mentioned, it is very disheartening that nonprofits are losing funding and having to shut down operations. Nonprofits transform the lives of so many people on a daily basis…it’s sad to see any of them forced to close their doors.