Late Payments in Illinois Wreak Havoc

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June 22, 2011; Source: Northwest Herald | In McHenry County, Illinois, Family Service and Community Health Center is asking the county Mental Health Board for a $900,000 loan/cash advance so it can meet payroll. The cash shortage is due to very late payments from the state of Illinois which is well known for that problematic practice. State money comprises 32% of the organization’s annual budget of $6.5 million. The Mental Health Board, with laudable foresight, went ahead and did a survey of other local agencies which might also be affected and found not only that the state is behind three to nine months but that Medicaid payments are also running seven to nine months behind, a situation that makes smooth operation of these critical agencies almost impossible.—Ruth McCambridge

  • Cheryl Hendrickson

    All of us working in Social Services are leaving with the fear of what is going to happen to our client with the most severe illnesses, For 35 years I have worked to help the serious mentally ill and felt we were blessed to be able to help others. Now the most severely ill
    are being kicked to the curb and there is little we can do!!

  • Rick Curtis

    All of us are fighting for our lives to be there for those in need –
    Wake up America:
    It’s the needy who are needy . .
    at the end of the day, who will be there?
    Collaboration and Cooperation –
    Stewardship and Setting Priorities
    Let’s get to work and make it happen!