Largely Volunteer Fueled Nonprofit Bus Service Dialing For Dollars

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June 28, 2011; Source: Democrat Herald | Dial-A-Bus, a Corvallis, Ore., service that provides seniors and disabled individuals curb-to-curb transportation is hoping someone rides to its rescue soon. Otherwise, the message to would-be riders of its service will be "keep on dialing."  Due to federal and state funding cuts, the service is increasing fees for a one-way ticket by 50 cents to $2 later this week.  In addition, Monday through Saturday bus service will cease two hours earlier at 7 p.m. According to the Democrat Herald, some 1,000 people use the bus service.  People unable to drive or without other transportation can call for pickups at pre-arranged times. The newspaper reports that 90 percent of the Dial-A-Bus staff are volunteers, but it still needs cash to fuel its operations.—Bruce S. Trachtenberg

  • Valerie Jones

    We face a similar issue with our small transportation program. Our model engages volunteers who are using their own vehicles to take people to and from medical and other therapy appointments. This model is great for all kinds of reasons including access to healthcare, comfort for those with severe and persistance mental health conditions, and greater efficiencies in cost-effective transportation systems. However, county support for this program which is based on state support for us has been reduced for this service by more than two thirds since 2009. And this is a service that is threatened by the looming MN State government shutdown. On top of that, we average 100 calls for people who need transportation assistance to do basic needs things like grocery shop, pick up perscriptions, and attend funerals.

    Transportation is just one more example of a basic human need that is being sacrificed to budget cuts. You’re right, transportation programs all over the country need rescuing.