Seattle Foundation Sponsors Day of Giving – Matching Donations to Nonprofits

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June 23, 2011; Source: The Seattle Times | On Thursday, June 23rd from 7 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. the Seattle Foundation sponsored “Give Big”, a day of giving to promote community contributions to 1,000 local nonprofits. To sweeten the pot the foundation and some key donors committed $500,000 to match whatever was donated by the public, which appears to have been somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.5 million. Here are two of the many postings on the Foundation’s Facebook page:

  • Compass Housing Alliance Your GiveBIG donations on June 23rd really made a difference! We received 87 donations totaling $27,624! Thank you!! We’re still waiting to hear how much the donations will be stretched by The Seattle Foundation. Stay tuned!
  • FamilyWorks Seattle Thanks to The Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG campaign, for motivating people to donate over $4,700 to FamilyWorks Food Bank and Resource Center to help hungry families in North Seattle.

Four million dollars committed in a day. We think this is a refreshing model to involve a wider group of people a well-established community foundation.—Ruth McCambridge

  • June Mansfield

    As a not for profit that benefits from donations from the Seattle Foundation I applaud their efforts to raise funds. However, a couple of cautions of this type of fundraising. Our organization serves people who are blind or visually impaired. The website was not accessible to blind individuals thus making it very difficult to make a donation online. In addition, many of people we serve are in their 80’s and beyond and this is not a typical type of fundraiser that they would respond to. So while yes, it is a new and innovative type of fundraising, it does have its downside to those of us that serve older and disabled populations that do not have the same access to internet fundraising.