Strange but Appropriate Revenue – Drug Money

July 10, 2011; Source: Boston Herald | NPQ likes to keep an eye out for new and sometimes slightly odd sources of cash for you. Yesterday we wrote a Newswire referencing traffic fines that were going to a child advocacy organization in Kane County, Ill. Today, in this story, the revenue comes from drug money. Every year the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office in Massachusetts auctions off the property of drug dealers and adds to that the funds confiscated from them and then it awards up to 10 percent of it in grants to youth groups, community centers and social service organizations. This year the total to be awarded amounts to somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000.—Ruth McCambridge

  • BroadSnark

    Very disappointing that you would label this “appropriate.” I think you all should do a little bit of research into the devastating consequences of the drug war. And even if that does not convince you, you should understand that asset forfeiture does not require being found guilty. Many people later cleared of charges have their property taken and sold off. And you think it is appropriate for nonprofits to benefit from that? Shame.