Sierra Club Takes Position on Minnesota’s Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment – Why?

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November 14, 2011; Source: MinnPostThe Sierra Club North Star has taken a position against controversial legislation that would define marriage as between one man and one woman, thus effectively banning gay marriage in Minnesota. It is an interesting proposition, since presumably some of the chapter’s base might be eroded through the choice. Of course, on the other hand, they may attract additional members through their willingness to interconnect the issues. The statement made by the group was short but to the point:

“To achieve our mission of environmental protection and a sustainable future for our planet, we must attain social justice and human rights at home and around the globe. The Sierra Club North Star Chapter has a long history of working together to protect our communities and our planet. We do not tolerate injustice, and we will not stand by and allow our state constitution to be used as a means of dividing communities and harming families.”

What do you think of this choice? We’d love to hear your opinions.—Ruth McCambridge

  • Victoria Ayers

    Good for the Sierra Club. It’s a risk but taking a moral stand often is.

  • Hildie Lipson

    I applaud the Sierra Club, North Star Chapter for connecting the dots and voicing support for justice in all areas. We can no longer be single-issue in our advocacy for promoting economic, environmental, and social justice. As the Occupiers are showing us, all issues are related and we are stronger standing together.

  • R. Ruth Linden

    Coalition building is an art well illustrated by the Sierra Club’s statement. Supporting marriage equality is, quite obviously, the right thing to do!

  • Simone Joyaux

    Congratulations to the Sierra Club, North Star Chapter. I salute you. You get it…. social justice in all areas for everyone. Thanks for your courage and your honor. Simone Joyaux

  • Sharon Charters

    Kudos to the Sierra Club – social justice is social justice.

  • NatureLover

    Well, this is wonderful…the Sierra Club has revealed it’s true colors – it’s not the NPO the it used to be and probably most of it’s members have not read the Sierra Club’s Purpose and Goals…2nd par. reads – Beliefs about Environment and Society

  • Andrew

    I believe this issue is out of step with the focus of the organization, its three main tenets being volunteer leadership, environmental advocacy, and outdoor experience (from their website). However, being that the issue does not take prominence on their website as a new issue, it is appropriate for a nonprofit community leader to voice his/her opinion. It feels like a stretch though to equate the Sierra Club’s mission with equal marriage rights.

  • Eric

    Bravo Sierra Club. Thank you for working to sustain our planet’s diverse communities. When we broaden our conversations and people connect as people, not labels, they can meet face-to-face to overcome differences in how to define the words “marriage” and “family.”