Boston Foundation Absorbs The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI)

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December 15, 2011; Source: Boston Globe | (Please also see comments below newswire) Though billed as a merger, it appears clear that The Boston Foundation has absorbed TPI, a consulting firm that advises donors on how to give their money away. TPI has become a unit of TBF, which, of course, has its own donor advising capacity. TBF will assume all of TPI assets, costs, and debt. Ellen Remmer of TPI was clear that finances were one major driver of the decision. According to the Boston Globe, the group’s revenues had declined by 60 percent during the recession. TPI has been a well-known leader in the field of donor advising for decades. The Boston Foundation is among the top community foundations in the nation. It ranks 12th in asset size among all community foundations in the U.S. according to the Foundation Center, but it is 10th in community foundation grantmaking and in 2009 ranked 8th in terms of gifts received. —Ruth McCambridge

  • Ellen Remmer

    Hello all, we are excited about our merger with the Boston Foundation. Together we will be able to help both TPI clients and TBF clients do great things with their philanthropy and in the process, potentially prove a new model for the field at large.

    Unfortunately, as reflected in NPQ

  • ruth

    Thank you, Ellen for your invitation to our readers and for the explanation. We are well aware that sometimes a nonprofit organization’s financials can be hard to track without a close up look at variables like multi-year grants and pass though money and, of course, we do not do rthat kind of examination for our newswires. All the best to you in your new home and keep us all informed.