Chelsea Clinton Promotes Civic Engagement in Ukraine

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January 23, 2012; Source: Associated Press   |   Chelsea Clinton, former President Bill Clinton’s daughter and philanthropist with the Clinton Foundation, has been reaching out to youth in Ukraine to encourage their engagement in civic activism.

Clinton made an appearance in Kiev on Tuesday, January 24, where she urged college students to give back, informing the youth that being engaged in the world is “part of being a good person.”

Clinton also said there is always a gap between what the government and the private sector can provide, and that the gap must be filled by the work of charity and non-governmental organizations. During the trip, Clinton also visited the National Children’s Hospital, where she learned of the plight of some of Kiev’s sick infants.

Clinton is currently pursuing a doctorate at Oxford. As NPQ recently covered the philanthropic vision of fundraising powerhouse Bill Clinton, we look forward to seeing if the younger Clinton can continue to build upon her father’s momentum in the years ahead. –Aine Creedon