Romney Vows to Strip Planned Parenthood of Federal Funds

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March 15, 2012; Source: Chicago Sun-Times

“The test is pretty simple. Is the program so critical, it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it?” said Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. “And on that basis of course you get rid of Obamacare. That’s the easy one. Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get rid of that. The subsidy for Amtrak, I’d eliminate that. The National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities.”

Romney’s apparent gaffe in vowing to “get rid” of Planned Parenthood last week was quickly followed by a statement acknowledging that, in fact, Planned Parenthood is a private organization. He just wants to strip them of all federal funds. Planned Parenthood, which must have the most seasoned nonprofit communications team in the country by now, has been a political football for many years but became a focal point for Republican attacks after Obama’s successful bid to pass the Affordable Care Act (which some Republicans call “Obamacare” and which is similar to the health care reform bill passed in Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was the state’s governor).

More recently, Planned Parenthood’s funding for breast cancer screenings was stripped by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, but that decision was rescinded after it unleashed a firestorm of protest from Komen’s own supporters and others. Romney, whose family apparently donated to Planned Parenthood in the past, has been turning himself inside out to appeal to conservative voters; in the process, he has, like Komen, likely alienated a good number of women. –Ruth McCambridge

  • Douglas Gould

    Like so many of Mitt Romney’s boastful, bombast, the idea that he could “get rid” of Planned Parenthood is one more sign that this guy doesn’t have what it takes to lead this country. The mere fact that he feels he needs to repeatedly pander to the most extreme people in this country, the fewer than 10% who don’t believe in or have never used contraception shows just how desperate he is to score votes.

    I can’t wait for this campaign to be over.

  • Sam

    I don’t see how any woman could vote for Romney based on the fact that he wants to eliminate one of the most affordable and easily attainable ways to get contraception, health screenings, and health information.

  • Zasspa

    Well, as long as he’s not being a hypocrite and won’t have us spend money on, oh, I don’t know, wars, with borrowed money? Or tax cuts for the rich? Or health care for the elderly? No? The same rules don’t apply? How very, very surprising.

  • Julie

    As a 32 year old woman, who is not ‘extreme’, but well-educated and balanced, I am very glad that politicians are looking at planned parenthood more closely. Ending the life of an unborn person of the human species with an irrepeatable set of DNA in her mother’s womb by means of suction, dismemberment, or chemical burning, does not seem like a normal, healthy, process for the millions of women who are killed in the womb by planned parenthood every year. I find it sometimes beyond belief that this position is considered by some as ‘extreme’.

    I also find PP’s attitude towards sexuality i.e. ‘free and easy sex for all’ incredibly damaging to the emotional life of the human person -specifically many young women. I’ve seen the damage of PP’s philosophies as expounded on their website, in their materials for schools, and in their clinics with my own eyes too many times to want to support them with my tax-dollars.

    It is the conviction of THIS woman, that PP does not help but harms women with their short-sighted beliefs and services. So, Romney may have ‘alienated’ some women, but he certainly has endeared many, many, others -including this one.