• Tina

    Republicans and some Dems are waging a war on women via 1500 pieces of legislation introduced over the past 16 months. State sponsored & required rape in Pa & Texas. Firing women for using birth control in Arizona. Decriminalizing domestic violence in Topeka, Kansas. This is violence. This is madness. We must stand up for our Bill of Rights and for the humanity of our country.

  • EdgyDC

    Of course it’s just another election-year partisan political attack. It’s heartbreakingly cheap and deceptive.

  • Julie

    Three thoughts:

    1. Any other women out there tired of groups exploiting us for their political gain? 🙂 Yet again, MoveOn, you don’t speak for me and I’m a woman. I find this sensationalism disingenuous. Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh certainly don’t speak for many conservative woman, either. These ‘dialogues’ cater to the most extreme elements of both factions.

    2. The ‘rights’ dialogues are amazing. I’d like someone to present a cogent argument about what a right really is and what it isn’t instead of so many people getting up in arms about their ‘rights’ being attacked.

    3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again -Planned Parenthood is a significant aggressor against women in the US. Whether stopping their lives in the womb or not protecting them in their clinics (incest, trafficking, statutory rape, forced abortions) stopping PP is definitely not a war on women!