• david nastally

    The people that are in charge of this charity should be ashamed of themselves for taking all of this money and misusing it. They should lose control and at least have the government step in until a group that is trustworthy enough to take it over. The people that this was meant for deserve that.

  • DMG

    Those who have donated with their credit card in the last year should request their credit card company
    pull the money from the charity and return to the credit card holder. Many credit cards require the holder
    be satisfied with items or services or the charges can be denied and funds returned to card holder.

  • Alex Hodge

    The American Institute of Philanthropy nonprofit ‘watch-dog’ organization and its media hound leader Daniel Borochoff are often touted as the best ‘watch-dog’ organization around. However, I notice that no nonprofit magazine or media bothers to check its actual finances.

    Daniel Borochoff, the founder and director of AIP earned over $ 153,373 in salary and benefits of $ 483,257 in total budget income. That’s a whopping 32% of entire nonprofit AIP budget goes to the CEO. Add in the next highest paid person at AIP and it goes to over 50% of the entire budget! Industry accepted standard is 5-8% maximum budget for CEO salary. Borochoff does not practice what he preaches, and should score an F by industry standards.