“Got Your 6” Campaign Launches Massive Blitz


Big Six

May 10, 2012; Source:Broadcasting & Cable

Have you heard the phrase “I’ve got your six?” If you aren’t in the U.S. military, you may not have, but you will. Expect it to be on television, on the radio, in billboards, in movie theaters and across a variety of print media and social media platforms very soon. Spearheaded by the Clinton Global Initiative and ServiceNation,
the “Got Your Six” campaign, which launched yesterday, is an effort to “bridge the civilian-military” divide in the U.S. as more and more servicemen and servicewomen return from Iraq and Afghanistan. As they do so, the question of reintegration into civilian life looms large, and the campaign assures veterans that the U.S. has their back after their service is through—having one’s back being the civilian translation of the military slang, “I’ve got your six.”

The goal of the awareness campaign is to transform the dialogue about veterans in America such that those returning are not seen as liabilities, as veterans returning from other conflicts have often been treated, but as civic leaders and assets. Here is the campaign’s initial star-studded public service announcement, which will likely be coming soon to a screen near you:

Before you dismiss this as just another Hollywood PSA campaign so that everyone in tinsel town can feel good about themselves, know that the “Got Your 6” campaign comes with tangible goals to help veterans beyond simply raising awareness of their concerns. The campaign’s “six pillars” match a key returning veterans’ concern with an organization suited to help address the issue as a “lead activation partner.” The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes program will lead a campaign on jobs for veterans. The Student Veterans of America and the Pat Tillman Foundation will focus on education for returning veterans. The 100,000 Homes Campaign will target veterans’ housing, while Give An Hour will focus on veterans’ health. In addition, Blue Star Families (recently highlighted in NPQ’s feature on the role of foundations in providing aid to veterans) and the Military Child Education Coalition will work on issues of importance to veterans’ families, and The Mission Continues will key in on issues of veterans assuming leadership roles in civilian life.

Together, this coalition, along with many other nonprofit partners, seeks to create a better, more holistic pathway to veterans’ reintegration as well as more understanding of veterans in American culture at large. That’s an admirable goal that we can all get behind—even during an election year. NPQ hopes the campaign’s execution lives up to its ample hype. –Mike Keefe-Feldman


  • Jamie

    These guys stole this idea and logo from Watchmy6.org man! Look it up! They have been working on this for years but they haven’t had the same backing. Even the logo is close to the same. I hope they sue!

  • P F C Back Home

    You Serve over there and WE as Service Men and Women back home will always have our Service Personals Back at Home and will ( Defend ) it with our Lives . This is Our Country.

  • Javier Calvillo

    We should have the backs of are veterns returning from service.If it werent for their sacrafice we would not have the liberty we enjoy so much.We should give them the support they have earned through their service to this great nation of ours.

  • julio j. delgado

    it is very way to show our troups that we care , thank you so much ,

  • John H

    I don’t buy that arugment about hollywood and feeling gooid about themselves. This stinks of a democratic plug with Bill Clionton involved. Also most of the faces shown in the add are all left wing radicals who support the ravings of BarryO and George Sorous. Give me a beak……………..this really sucks. The government sent the troops on a wild goose chase, let the government take care of them. I’m not against the military and would support them in many ways but under this BS.

  • nickie

    Can’t agree with you more, John. Soon as I saw Baldwin, who vowed to leave America at one point, I recognized this effort as the wolf in sheep’s clothing. And two months before the election…hello. Does everyone not remember all that’s been done by the left to defund, disarm and dismiss our military?

  • Interstate Professional Group Inc. Kaylyn Scott, President

    Our company (IPG) has a contract to provide property preservation services for VA homes in over 32 states. The challenge we are having is finding people or companies to mow and clean out vacant homes for the price. Because this contract is a fixed fee paid per property we have little room for negotiations.
    My mission is to locate resources that can work with us to provide property preservation services. I heard about your organization over the radio and was impressed to know that your focus is for the benefit of Veterans.
    Could you please pass along my information to the appropriate person for me to speak with to determine how we can work together on theses VA homes?

    Kaylyn Scott
    (817) 917-7023

  • penny aguirre

    wow it finally seems that the american people are realizing that these vets are our families, they are the ones who make it safe to sleep at night, by giving everything they are…… i mean really people stand up for those who stand up for you…..

  • penny aguirre

    Seems all your doing here is worying about where the ideal came from, or who did what to who and I see you are all missing the total ideal behind this is letting the people know it is time we have their backs like they have ours…..I got your six……PEOPLE, stop the petty arguements and let them know you got their 6….

  • penny aguirre

    i need to get a couple of these packages sent so the people who work at the gila bend solar plant here in arizona can send donations to help them out…..who do i contact?

  • Tom

    Why are all the celebrities in the TV ad leftists? Something smells fishy about this org.

  • Reginald Mattingly

    Great to see such a complete program dedicated to helping veterans in so many aspects of what’s necessary to be successful in the next phases of their lives. Thanks ever so much from a vietnam veteran.

  • Brooke

    These people are very anti-God and it shows!! Michelle Obama is Crazy like how she wants your kids to trade in their french fries for CHEMICAL SPRAYED CUT APPLES IN A TOXIC PLASTIC BAG!! THEY ARE A JOKE!! Last time I checked there are tons of our vets/troops living in the streets! People need to wake up and stop thinking the Government or any of these people care! I hope that the money really goes where it says it is!! Yea Right! There are way too many shady non trusting celebrities, Government officials, and CEO’s in this World!! Who just want our MONEY!! They don’t care that our troops and Economy are struggling & to think people with money and power do is naive! Oh and the use of the number 6 from the Entertainment Industry is so FUNNY! Put a bunch of 6′s together and this goes great with their anti- God campaign they’re running EVERYWHERE! Along with all the End of the World bull they’re spreading!! Look up on YouTube what real troops think!! Lol If they really wanted to help, work a soup kitchen or build a shelter. Think about how much money is given in the name of Charity a year! Where is that money really going?? Is the question?

  • Medicare

    The government should take care of them,and we should give support to them.

  • gina mercer

    How can i get the pins and if they cost how much i would love to wear one. I kniw my friends, would wear them proup my husbad live 15 mins from 29 plams marine base i love telling how greatful for what they do for us. Well thank you gina mercer

  • jacques melki

    my daughter was a pilot in the army, where can i buy tge #6 and why can we sell it we can make some money for the veterants
    Thanks, Jacques


    Well who get my 6! I’m sevice member who spend 21 years as active duty in US Army with six deployment , now decide to buy house with VA Loan, but the problem is I did find house and not the Lender because everyone training to make benefits from you for 30 years, I assumed they are there to help anyone serve the country or in combat, it is what it is, I,m planing for my retirement with four kids and wife and dogs so I care about all of them. I hope I find good lender who can appreciated my four time in combat zone and fix rate for the mortgage. Thanks

  • Donna ciano

    Alex Baldwin, Sara Jessica Parker etc,etc,etc. You are kidding right? Oh that’s right, they do the pretending (called a commercial) someone else sends the money. Thank goodness, I was afraid we would really have to depend on them. Who do you think donates the money….military families. Alex Baldwin, Sara Jessica Parker ‘got your six’. Very funny.

  • Evangeline Lincoln

    I have two sons in the service one served for 8 yrs and was in the I raq war, as security, now is employed by boeing as a drone flyer and doing his I think 6 years of deployment should be home soon. My other son has been in the air force for 7 yrs now in the air national guard, and also now too a drone flyer. Just returned from Afganistan. They are very humble would not like their mother saying anything about them. My sons are just look at it as what needs to be done its there job. But being a mother of 8 children going through my own trials and trubulations I will never be not proud of all of my children and love them especially worry more I cannot watch them or protect them 24/7. I would love to have a 6 pin they will probably roll there eyes if they ever see me wearing it. But i am proud for them and everything they have accomplished, my sons always tell me Mom we are safe stop being so dramatic and don’t worry! I don’t care a
    only Mothers can feel what their children cannot see until they if they choose one day to have children of their own, they two will know what I must had felt everytime they are deployed. I stuggle with all the politics I really don’t like it and what it did to families of their children who did particitpate in belonging to the Government. I t upsets me and did morn with them. I belleved that it was a war we had no business being there. It not worth losing your children, mothers, farthers, sisters, etc. I am very blessed so far my sons have come home for about 4 months, then only to be deployed again. It scares me everytime they leave but I have to beleive in my faith and this is their choice as adults now to just be there and support them.

  • Ronald Foreman

    I feel this is long over due, and I am happy to say “Got Your 6”

  • Alice Doherty

    Thank you for letting us know about the got your back .I am a Vet and have heard it 1000’s of time .But I know people that have never heard it ,so I told hen about it..And proud to do it…

  • Kate

    Why is it surprising that people with liberal political views would want to help our veterans? Those who do not believe in war are most concerned about the impact that war has on all those involved. I have devoted my life to helping veterans deal with the moral and ethical issues that many of them struggle with as a result of participating in wars that they cannot justify in their own hearts and souls. I am a liberal peace activist. My work with veterans only bolsters my political views! My concern about” Got Your 6″ is that it could become just another “yellow ribbon” that only makes the pin wearer feel good, but doesn’t really make social change.

  • Kate

    How about a community call for volunteers?

  • joseph lampariello

    where can i purchase got your 6 pin

  • Anthony price

    Anything for our heroes!! Most people don’t understand the sacrifice they make for us. Thank you for keeping my family safe!!!! I sleep better at night knowing you have my 6 thank you !!!

  • Dale Collier

    Hi, my name is Grant, I am the son of Dale Collier. I want people to know how I feel about this. I am very thankful for what our country has done for us to be alive. If you are the person who is at a friends house playing games outside or something, just remember that someone is risking their life for you to have a better one. I can’t really remember what age I was when I told myself that I wanted to do something like this. Yes, I do know the consequences of doing this. But I do know one thing. If I die, God forbid, I know what I will die for. I will die as someone to be remembered by, and I will die knowing what I died for. That would be honor, freedom, and loyalty. If I live, I know that I can keep living on the dream. I know that life will be hell if I do this, but I know that will not be doing this for nothing. Thank you for reading this and I hope you learned something. I want to say a HUGE thank you for those who have risked their lives for us to have a great one. I also want to say a HUGE thank you for those who are still fighting. I hope that you guys come home safely. And a another HUGE thank you for those who think about how lucky they are to have the life they have now because of what people are doing now to let you have that. Please, take a moment of silence on this special day. It is VETERANS DAY you know.

  • A. Warner

    What states are you located? I am a semi retired union carpenter. I am a Viet Nam vet and I am retired Naval reservist (carpenter) maybe we could work something out to solve your problem.

  • Joan

    Amen! I agree that this is a liberal jest to take the heat off Hollywood!