Red Cross in Dayton, Ohio Shocked by Funding Loss

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June 7, 2012; Source: Dayton Daily News

What is going on with communications between some United Ways and their member agencies? In Dayton, Ohio, the Red Cross says it was taken by surprise by a 76 percent cut in the allocation from one year to the next. Three fiscal years ago, it received $751,800 and last year that had dropped to $657,000 but this did not prepare them for this year’s heart-in-mouth drop to $156,500. Last year, the United Way allocation constituted 18 percent of the local Red Cross’ $3.7 million budget.

The United Way did raise less to be distributed this time, but only by $300,000. If the Red Cross was, indeed, taken by surprise, what can account for the lack of preparation? How are readers experiencing communications between their local United Ways and community groups? –Ruth McCambridge

  • Jayne Klose

    I am disturbed by the false accusations regarding United Way of the Greater Dayton Area’s communications with its partner agencies. When we adopted the Community Impact Model based on stakeholder input in June 2010, our local United Way extended the 2008-2011 funding cycle for a fourth year (to June 30th 2012) to provide a two-year transition for funded agencies/programs and to develop a fair and equitable process. We convened all the partner agencies to explain the Impact Model and funding priorities throughout this two-year time period, and met specifically with the American Red Cross to discuss the potential impact on their programs. With limited funding, we regret that reductions were unavoidable. The process was conducted with the utmost integrity and with full disclosure and consistent communication.

  • Anonymous

    Did the writer of this piece even seek comment from the United Way? Or the Red Cross, for that matter? Why aren’t there any sources named for this story?