Sarrell vs. ADA Dental Drama Topic of PBS Documentary

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June 13, 2012; Source: The News Courier

In 2010, NPQ’s Rick Cohen wrote a newswire about the fact that the Alabama Dental Association was opposing the expansion of a nonprofit dental center that was providing dental services to low income children. The Sarrell Center ended up filing an anti-trust lawsuit against the ADA in 2011, but later rescinded it when Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed into law Sarrell’s right to operate in the state.

This saga will now be recounted as part of a “FRONTLINE” documentary titled “Dollars and Dentists” to be broadcast on most PBS stations on Tuesday, June 26 (check local listings for times). Watch a preview here:

Watch Dollars and Dentists Preview on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Congratulations again, Sarrell. These guys are a group worth tracking for their willingness to take on opposing forces, and their success in doing so. –Ruth McCambridge

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article referred to the Alabama Dental Association as the American Dental Association of Alabama. NPQ regrets the error.

  • Ryan

    What a bunch of antidentites in the state of Alabama… I am glad they succeeded.

  • Richard Green

    Please forward to Ruth McCambridge,

    Ms. McCambridge, your piece on the Sarrell clinic is absolutely incorrect in attributing the actions surrounding that clinic to the American Dental Association. Wrong ADA. It was the Alabama Dental Association that was involved in that issue. While related, the Alabama association is not a branch office or a part of the American Dental Association. but rather an independent entity. The American Dental Association had no part in the actions your story reports. The author of the original story has already corrected it. In fairness, we ask that you do the same, and do so immediately. Please call if you have questions. Thanks!

    Richard Green, Managing Director, Public Affairs, American Dental Association, 202-789-5170.