• Patrick Dorsey, Vice President, Marketing, Avectra

    For as many examples of technology giants giving back to the world (look at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), there are also the Larry Ellisons of the industry buying up Hawaiian islands. Silicon Valley has to find a balance between those two extremes.

    One can also argue that the technology leaders do contribute to society, just in different ways. The support of VC funding and technology advancement can in a way be considered a contribution to better the world. Many of the technology companies out there were built to help solve a problem, bring the world closer together, and provide a platform for growth and innovation.

    While large companies often help build homes for the homeless, build playgrounds for children, and send checks to philanthropic organizations, perhaps the real donation of Silicon Valley is simply in its opportunity to use technology for good. Philanthropic organizations can thank Silicon Valley for the technology, social media and online giving that have created new giving opportunities and channels for them.
    Instead of looking for ways that the tech sector can give back, think about how much they have already given.

  • Amy Martinsky

    > Margaret Coady, director of the Committee Encouraging Corporate
    > Philanthropy, suggests that the younger populations working at technology
    > firms having higher expectations of community involvement and
    > volunteerism.

    Right, they’re cheap.