Cat Lovers Deserve to Die

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Deserve to Die

June 28, 2012; Source: Milwaukee Business Journal

If you are reading this newswire, I guess the Lung Cancer Alliance chose well when they used the firm of Laughlin Constable to put together an ad campaign that would grab the public’s attention. The taglines for the “No one deserves to die” campaign are headlined with provocative statements like “Cat lovers deserve to die” and “Hipsters deserve to die” to grab the viewer’s attention, pulling them into copy that describes the need for more research into lung cancer, which affects more former smokers and nonsmokers than it does smokers. The campaign is running in bus shelters, phone kiosks, subway stations, movie theaters and online.

Apparently, some do not like the campaign and have pulled the posters down, but as we know, sometimes if you are getting less than your share of attention, it’s worth taking a leap. We’re just glad that no really suggestible people with homicidal tendencies hang out in the subway…—Ruth McCambridge

  • jackie

    I contacted the Lung Cancer Alliance and spoke to Kay. I am assuming she is the Kay in the original interview video as the operater said she was in charge of this campaign.

    I am so offended by all of these videos. It is my opinion that this charity specifically targeted a list of personalities that suffer a stigma from society in living their own lives.

    All they would have had to do is add the the word DON’T to these posters and not upset so many people. I hope people will continue to tear down these posters!

    There are too many deranged people in this world and this type of campaign is totally irresponsible. Freedom of speech is why they are getting away with the posters. If a student posted that someone deserves to die on the internet, they would be arrested. I simply do not understand how they can list these personalities and not be held accountable. In my opinion, these posters are invitations for hurting another human being and the deranged do not need these posters in their face.

    And the innocent cats that may be harmed as a result of someone actually thinking that cats may cause lung cancer by misunderstanding the absurd statement is very disturbing to me, a cat lover.

    My own father had a tatoo.

  • Keith Richard Radford Jr

    My name is Keith Richard Radford Jr
    I have the most wonderful kitties and have done the best we can for them. We just lost one a 10 1/2 years old orange long haired beauty which was so sad to watch this long haired dear named Pumpkin” go. He had liver damage and for what ever reason from birth being a shelter rescue this cat had no fear and in the years we were his stop for food, threats and water while we were graced with his presence and knew him I watched him stare down a cat four times his size and win, be the catalyst for the others well being and hold on for as long as he could. His brother Lumpy is the one with the diabetes, a short hair oriental smoke talker with a love for all things in life and when a person pets this incredible wonder of nature from front to back his is pitch black and shines like a new Mercedes in the night on Sunset Boulevard or a Hudson parked in front of the Whisky on a Saturday night in May. When stroked from tail to head he is as white as the sand of a warm Fiji beach in October and loves being stroked as much as his sister NutMeg who has no time for for him most of the time but will kiss him just before lashing out, an amazingly beautiful green eyed dragon lady Calico that is our little spy, always in the windows of the house watching everything and reporting like we give a dirt clods worth what is going on out that window she finds everything important like a window seal sitting old lady telling the street sweeper they missed a spot and has never given us a moments trouble except when she decides to kick one of her brothers backside for something which for the life of us there seems to be no rhyme or reason for her choice of time for doing this. Watching her for 11 years+ now she would lick the poo right out of Pumpkin’s butt when he was not feeling well and rip the eyes out of Lumpy the younger by one year for being Lumpy for and for why we just don’t understand everything but they are who they are? We can’t figure it out but this fat doll of a kitty does what she pleases whether we are on the celling pleading with her or brushing her and giving her treats, she is always the same independent green eyed Devia monotypical genus we are just glad we have had the opportunity to know since they are all shelter kat’s. Enough with the background because if one of the two we now enjoy were to knock over a book shelf and and lose a leg or find out and understand how sin tax really puts a nations wealth in the pockets of clowns in other nations they would be different for sure the next day.
    Lumpy the loud black guy is now hooked on insulin as much as much as some guy down an ally with a big cushy chair and apartment full of dime bags of Heroin and a DEA badge handing out 1st time feel good hits to awaiting NY residents some he can get names to fuel a war on drugs and a nations people. This loud handsome old boy now likes his water with ice and won’t drink it without fresh ice in the cup or bowl. He likes a schedule and if he could get an apposing thumb would probably keep a white board and clock above his poo bin. We can’t understand why there is no other method of dealing with diabetes in kitties! I have diabetes and am not big on letting it stop me from living but I know it’s made me grumpy and short tempered, much like him so we are honored to be the ones to get him ice for his water like a nurse in a ICU helping someone knowing when delivering a cup of shaved ice to someone they are worthy of relief and someone cares, giving them a reason to hang on and heal. I mean we know it’s our fault to because we do give him food, right? We could just stop feeding him and his diabetes would go away right? WE could take him in and have him put down and some quite kill shelter right? We have added time with him he deserves because he was always watching NutMeg and Pumpkin take up all the lap time from a place at our feet on the floor while asking for nothing and often getting less. We have added 6 months from the time we almost lost him and took him to our Vet for diagnoses at the VAC animal hospital 2723 West Olive Avenue to see a specialist in the field of diabetes. She and her staff we amazing. Every day has ben an adventure. Retrospect~fully speaking isn’t that what some people do? We are sure they do but every day that he plays with his MaMa on the bed and everyday he asks for ice in his water and every day he chooses to grace us with his return of love, no mater how strange it may seem to us we know if he really wanted to go he would crawl under a house and die. We know his existence is is going to be a very short time and everything we can do to make up to him for him being the odd one out for so long is our duty. Pumpkin was always on my lap like a two golden eyed laptop kitty with his long flowing orange hair and his loving nature he spot with his eyes and a long vocalizing series of coos and purrs and just before he went he had the longest stare of commuication telling me goodbye and I spent the night with him in a box which we called him box kitty which was his choice to be in when ever there was one for his warmth then growing cold to find a place in a big city to take what was left it was a sad drive. Ever since his brother another shelter wonder Brack name after the Brack show cat on adult swim who was the gray sugar footed friend who came home with Pumpkin died of kitty aids (yes they get aides too) about ten years ago Pumpkin and NutMeg got all the attention. Now it’s our Lumpy boy’s turn for a while. NuttyMeg has her MaMa all the time and Lumpy’s got us to make up time he missed out on now till he decides like his friend Pumpkin to go. They are our little friends in the stream of time from the feline world of life. Ever day is our plus knowing these plush balls of fur and love. They tell us whats next with their eyes and by the looks of things he will be around for some more happy days which we treasure more than gold remembering Pumpkin’s eyes of gold more precious than a blue moon and his brother now alpha Lumpy now in the catbirds seat doing his best be our friend in life he makes me late to move the vehicle on street sweeper day with his need for a shot and his crying we would rather pay the ticket than let him down. Sure the pressure of his existence is real but so was Nixon’s and he died of old age. doesn’t Lumpy deserve that? We love our kitty’s no matter what. My wife can’t administer the shots. Heck she won’t even drive for the anxieties that she experiences having trauma in her life, and ever time Lumpy calls we answer the best we can in love.