Lady Chained to Dog House Makes her Point

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Chained Dog
Aleksandar Mijatovic /

June 30, 2012; Source: Las Cruces Sun-News

As NPQ readers know, I like a good in-your-face media strategy and I like to share them to spark readers’ thinking about how they might approach the public on their own issues. Last week, I wrote a newswire titled “Cat Lovers Deserve to Die” which was, surprisingly, part of a campaign by a lung cancer group.

The “Dogs Deserve Better” campaign is actually about the dogs – and in particular the cruel problem of chained dogs – but its surprise is in the method. The campaign, which happens annually around July 4, has involved a lot of public education but one of the central attention getters is when Tamira Thayne, a founder of the nonprofit that sponsors the event, chains herself in public to a dog house – a condition in which she has spent 729 hours in the past 10 years. Other supporters around the country wear chains and participate in other ways.—Ruth McCambridge

  • FormerDDBvolunteer

    Want the truth about this scam of a woman? Dogs DO deserve better. Click and read.

  • sally

    The issue shouldn’t be about how honest this women is or whatever scandal someone wants to talk about in regards to her. The bottom line is that she does educate people and she does save dogs lives. If you don’t trust her with your donation, then don’t donate. But don’t take it out on the dogs in need-get out there like her and volunteer your time giving out food, water, straw, and education. If you are not out there physically helping the dogs like she does then you shouldn’t put her down. No one but her knows what she does behind closed doors (I am not defending her as you and I both don’t know the whole truth) so lets focus on the dogs! Get out there and do something to make a dogs life better instead of spreading negative messages on the internet.

  • FormerDDBVolunteer

    Sally, this women has made, and continues to make poor decisions that HARM the dogs. We have seen her kick, scream and shake the foster dogs under her care. The Vick place will NEVER be more than it is today. And that is a nice home for Thayne to live in, while cherry picking the “nice” dogs who don’t need any “rehabbing”. She has gone from over 100 reps, nationally, to less than 10. The truth is coming out.